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Sunday, April 17, 2016

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I'm not sure I could really commit to writing up a "what's in my bag" post because some really paranoid part of me is worried that someone will use that information against me one day. Like, one day I'll be walking about and someone will try and steal my LUSH Breath of Fresh Air toner spray, or the snacks I always carry, or my makeup bag. It's a bit crazy to think that someone would really steal my those things in my bag, but hey, paranoia doesn't always make sense! And I don't even carry big expensive things like laptops and tablets like other people do. But I did want to share some of the stuff that I always have to have on hand, and to rave about this new Lush product that I've using.

I'm also currently on the hunt for the perfect mid-sized bag that is able to fit all of the crap that I carry on a day to day basis. I'm kind of into the whole "adult backpack" look lately, and it does seem like it'd be better for my back than my current giant tote since I do carry a lot of stuff with me. I kind of like this Fiorelli Blakely Fold Over Backpack, but I'm also hella broke at the moment so for now it's definitely something on my wishlist.


Things to Keep Me Awake

I work in an office and my tasks can be a little boring from time to time, so I kind of need to bring things that give me a boost of energy without having to resort to extra coffee and energy drinks.

If you've read any of my older skincare posts, I like to go on and on about Lush. I absolutely love that brand and I know that I can turn to them for so many awesome products, including this new one, the LUSH Breath of Fresh Air toner spray. This really does feel like a breath of fresh air, and I love using it in the mornings or whenever I feel like I need a little boost, especially since I work on the 12th floor and we don't have any windows that we could open. This kind of reminds me of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, which also freshens up the skin with a really nice aroma to it, but this has no alcohol and is so much cheaper. This has definitely become a new LUSH favorite!

Gum is another thing I use to kind of keep me awake - I'm not particularly choosy when it comes to gum, this one happens to be one I picked up randomly at a Japanese supermarket, but I also have grown to like cinnamon flavored gum too. There's been some research that suggests that the act of chewing does stimulate your brain and helps keep you awake. I limit myself to coffee only in the mornings, so having gum on hand is pretty much a necessity. These Rhoto Eye Drops are also really nice to use for that bit of energy because they have a really interesting cooling effect on your eyes and it helps with the eye strain with all the computer work that I do too.

A Book

To make reading books more of a habit for myself, I always have one or two on hand all the time so if I ever have some down time I always have a book to start reading. At the moment I'm carrying The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, but I'm also in the middle of NeuroLogic by Eliezer J Sternberg and A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.

Journal & Pens

I've been journaling for a long time now. Besides half-read books and makeup, my room is also filled with journals I've finished writing in over the years. I don't really write anything particularly meaningful or important, but I just really like the act of writing things down. It helps me organize myself and I think it really helps me remember things a lot better as well. I happen to be really particular with what pens I use so I always carry around this pen case filled with extra pens, washi tape, highlighters and whatever small thing I don't want ending up at the bottom of my tote like eye drops, lip balms, and cough drops.


I like to be prepared.

I'm curious to know, what are some of the stuff that you carry around on a day to day basis?

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