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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

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So I'm trying out this thing where I plan out what beauty and clothing purchases I make for the rest of the month at the beginning of the month.

I know, I know. But don't laugh, I'm serious!

I'm absolutely horrid at sticking to a list of what to get - I'm always distracted by all of the other things available or the new things that have come out - but I'm a woman on a mission. One, to try and save money by planning out these major beauty and clothing purchases. And two, just be more choosy about the items that I pick up. I always feel a little guilty returning things, so I want to avoid that as much as possible by making more thoughtful decisions.

Around the blog-o-sphere, I've heard people call it having "curated" pieces, and I kind of like that idea about being really selective about what you pick and I really want to incorporate that idea into my purchases. And of course, trying to buy better quality pieces as well.

bespectacled, September wishlist, beauty, lifestyle, personal style, fashion

I think my style is pretty boring really. Really nice basic knit sweaters make my heart stutter and I'm not one to say no to a nice gray t-shirt. I'm planning to upgrade my t-shirt collection with 1 or 2 Everlane tees, which I'm a big fan of, and the quality is something that I really enjoy.

It's still disgustingly hot in September here in San Diego, but I love sweaters so much that I figured I'd update the sweaters I have with a & Other Stories Knit Sweaters in either navy or dark gray. Most likely I'll end up with the gray sweater because gray sweaters (and gray tees) are my weaknesses. Definitely something I'll wear all of the time, I'm a huge fan of basic sweaters. I have another & Other Stories sweater that I bought last year which I think is excellent quality, so I'm expecting this one to be the same.

I guess I'm having a moment with & Other Stories, because I also have this Cactus Print Waisted Dress on my to-buy list as well. I love the style of dress, and the print is a really interesting touch! The only problem that I have with it is that it's 100% viscose, which definitely isn't my favorite fabric, but I think it would work well in my wardrobe regardless.

On the beauty front, I've only really got one item that I really want at the moment: the Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow. Personally, I prefer cream blushes over powder ones because they tend to look more natural on me and don't emphasize my dry spots. I'm looking at the shade, "Tresbelle", which the Kevyn Aucoin site describes as a "deep peach", but it's hard to find swatches of these products online.

So what about you guys? Do you plan out your purchases? What's on your wishlist?

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