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Monday, February 09, 2015

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1. It's definitely been a while! I have this problem where I manage to get all the way to uploading photos for the blog but when it comes to writing everything and putting things out there I kind of choke. It's like I'm 11 again uploading my first fanfiction onto, oh god, what if everyone hated it? I'm trying to be a bit better about that because I can't possibly be that bad, but I always am a little hesitant about clicking that "publish" button. But hey, I have another post scheduled for Thursday if you're worried I'll just vanish into the void again.

2. I took my first personal day off in months, and it was glorious - I spent it doing absolutely nothing. I did some writing, I read a little (I'm reading Children of the Night by Dan Simmons - good read so far; but let's be real I read like two 50 chapter fanfictions this weekend and it was awesome), I made chocolate chip cookies and indulged in some Haagen-Dazs. And oh my god, I've found my new favorite flavor. Sorry Swiss Almond, you've officially been dethroned by Mint Chip.

bespectacled, life, lately, new in, Everlane Grey Marled Sweatshirt, Madewell Ignition Skirt, Clinique Chubby Stick for Eyes Lots O' Latte, Make Up For Ever HD Blush 310

3. Some nice things came in the mail as well! I signed up for early access of the Everlane Marled Sweatshirts and they arrived in the mail Saturday. I really like the texture of these and I adore gray sweaters (maybe a little too much, they're slowly taking over my wardrobe) - I imagine I'm going to get a ton of use out of this. I also got the short-sleeved version as well! I also got the Ignition Skirt from Madewell, because, obviously I needed another black bottom. I'm really starting to love Everlane - I also bought one of their new striped sweaters as well!

4. Beauty wise I picked up another shade of the MUFE HD Blush, this one is 310. Cream eyeshadows are having a bit of a moment with me as well because I picked up the Clinique Chubby Stick for Eyes in Lots O' Latte. I find that cream products just agree a bit better with my skin. But honestly, I've picked up a few more things as well, which I'm expecting sometime this week. What can I say, I'm weak and prone to wanting to try out shiny new things. I've learned that returning things are okay too so I'm not suddenly accumulating a huge mass of stuff, but I still want to keep things to a minimum. I don't even want to know how many lipsticks I own.

bespectacled, life, lately

5. And lastly, we have a new puppy! Well, she's my sister's and I'm still a little against it because we already have other pets, but things are okay so far. My mom named her Kimchi, and it just kind of stuck around. We have this thing with naming our female pets food apparently because that's part of Cake (the cat) sleeping next to her!

I'm still catching up on all of those unread posts clogging up my bloglovin feed (last time I checked it was 1000+, oops!), s I'd like to know how you guys have been doing and what you guys have been up to. Have you taken a bit of a break recently? Any new purchases? Again, I know my blogging has been a little inconsistent but I really am trying harder to change that. Thanks again for reading everyone.

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