Friday, October 17, 2014

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I'm a sucker for a good two-in-one blush/lip product - they're the things that just appeal to me the most and the products that I covet the most. They're something just so handy about having a product that can work in multiple ways and you don't have to worry about matching your blush and lipstick! I've picked five of my favorites from my collection.

However, not all two-in-one products end up working equally in both areas. The Flower Beauty Kiss Me Twice Lip & Cheek Chubby and the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge work far better as blushes than as lipsticks. The flower beauty Kiss Me Twice Lip & Cheek Chubby (Raisin the Roof, which is the cringiest name ever) is very much a cream to powder product which is excellent in a blush - it's nicely pigmented, blends well, and has excellent lasting power. But that isn't something that feels nice on the lips. Sure, it's still wearable there, but it feels strange because it's so powdery. But if you're looking for an excellent cream to powder blush from the drugstore this is definitely your pick! The Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue (10 Rose) kind of has the opposite texture, it's very creamy at first and looks really nice on the lips. But over time it kind of wears really badly and becomes kind of drying and uncomfortable, which is weird because the initial texture is pretty nice. As a cream blush this is excellent and one of the longer lasting cream blushes in my collection, but it's definitely one that's easier to apply with a stippling brush!

In the same vein, the Bobbi Brown Art Stick and the Josie Maran Argan Color Stick work better as lipstick. I don't think people actually use the Bobbi Brown Art Sticks (Cassis) as blush but the Bobbi Brown website says it can so I tried it. As a blush the color fades a bit too quickly for my tastes but it's easy to apply and blend out. As a lipstick though, this really excels. It has a matte finish to it, but it's comfortable and non-drying and wears really well. I have to admit that the color is a bit much for me in the day so I like to wear it sheered out with lip balm. The Josie Maran Argan Color Stick (Rosey) is definitely the creamiest and most hydrating of the bunch - it's very much like a tinted lip balm kind of consistency to it. But that consistency doesn't work on the cheeks: this looks quite natural blended out and does have some sheen to it, for like an hour or two. But on the lips is definitely where it shines. I'm still getting used to the gingery smell/taste of this though and the only other complaint I have is that the packaging is kind of a bit chunky if you want to apply it on the lips.

And lastly, my absolute favorite of the bunch - the YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush (5 Rouge Effrontee) and now that I've swatched and tested it out again for this post I remember how much I love it! Why don't I use this more often?! This is my favorite out of the bunch - it works really well as both a blush and a lipstick. The packaging really works for it as well. The doe foot applicator makes it super easy to apply on both lips and cheeks. The texture is kind of difficult to describe - it's cream to powder I think, but the powder feels very finely milled almost to where it doesn't feel like powder. Does that make any sense? The finish is matte but it's not an drying or uncomfortable matte and the red is surprisingly natural looking as a blush on me. It's an all around great product, but the only thing that's stopping me from getting more is the price tag. But of course, willpower is finite and I'd be all over the shade 10 Nude Insolent when my will does give out!

Because I always like to try new things I definitely have some on the good ol' wishlist that I'd want to test out one day. The Ilia Multi-Stick in Cheek to Cheek is interesting, plus Ilia is a brand that I'd like to try out, not just the Multi Sticks but also those tinted lip conditioners! And the NARS Multiple is something that is also definitely on my wishlist. But have you guys tried any of these products or any other lip/cheek two in one product? I'd love to hear your opinion on them!

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