october five: how did I do?

Monday, October 27, 2014

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Sorry for the break there guys, but things have been super busy with work and I really needed a break somewhere in my life to keep my stress levels down, and that break was in blogging. Sorry about that! Anyway, today I'm asking myself how did my attempt to stick to this month's five product-limit go?

In short: bad. Budgeting is hard, and although I try and limit my purchases it just hasn't worked out. I definitely need to regroup and come up with a better strategy for this stuff. I'm not going to beat myself up over this, what's done is done. But I'm curious to know how you guys budget your beauty purchases?

Anyway, I've already introduced two out of my five but when I look at my purchases as a whole these two are the ones I regret the most. The Nudestix on the lips for me is not flattering at all and doesn't last very long and clings to every line and dry patch and applies patchy. As a blush it doesn't last very long either. While I do really like the packaging of it, I'd say skip on the lip and cheek pencil. The Bobbi Brown's Art Stick is a much better choice if you want a lip & cheek pencil that actually works well on both cheeks and lips. And the Antonym Quattro Palette is exactly why I fear palettes: I don't love every shade in it. When I use it, which isn't actually very often, I find myself reaching for the bottom two shades only. I'm sure this would work for someone else but I think I'm passing this one on.

If you've read some of my previous posts you've probably seen me gush about Dior Lip Glow and the Dior Addict Liptick in 797 Stiletto so I'll skip over writing more about these to the last of the my alotted five: the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow in 16 Beach Bronze. This feels like the next level up from the Maybelline Color Tattoos. The texture for this so lovely - it's smooth but blendable and I do feel like it does last for the entire day. The shade I picked is a lovely bronze with small flecks of gold shimmer and is absolutely lovely.

As you've probably guessed, I've picked some other things outside of my five.

october five plus, bespectacled, beauty, Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer 500 HD Garnet, Makeup Forever HD Blush 420, Dior Rouge Couture Voluptuous Care 844 Trafalgar, Laura Mercier Matte Eye Color Cafe Au Lait, Clinique All About Shadow Shimmer 02 Black Honey

The Clinique All About Shadow in 02 Black Honey was definitely influenced by Jenn of Jennypurr as she talks about this eyeshadow single often. I guess I'm growing apart from the Maybelline Color Tattoos because this is like Pomegranate Punk in powder eyeshadow form in my opinion. But I have trouble blending out the color tatoos and this blends really nicely. I really enjoy this shade and now that my lids aren't as irritated I'm hoping to wear it out more often.

I guess my purchases end up themes because I bought another single. I guess I was really traumatized by the idea of not using shades in a palette so now I'm buying singles. Sadly, the Laura Mercier Matte Eye Color in Cafe Au Lait will be returned. While the formula and texture of this shadow is everything I want in a matte eye shadow this just does not show up on my lids. Ugh, damn hyper pigmentation!

And hey look is that another Dior lip product? I think I've covered all of my bases with my Dior lipsticks: the Lip Glow is perfect for days I can't be bothered, the Addict Lipstick is perfect for everyday, and the Dior Rouge Couture Voluptuous Care Lipstick in Trafalgar is great when I need some more color in my life. Black is my default and adding dark shades on top of it isn't always what I want. Trafalgar is a lovely red-orange that really brightens up my face when I'm wearing all black. I know I could probably find similar lipsticks cheaper, but there's something about pulling out a Dior lipstick that brightens up my day.

The Makeup Forever HD Blush in 420 is my most recent purchase and wow is it lovely. This probably one of the nicest textures of the cream blushes that I own at the moment - it's very smooth but still blends well - and it looks very nice and natural on my cheeks. I wish these blushes had actual names because 1) I'm awful at describing colors and 2) I'm sure people will get laughs out of the "420" thing. Regardless, I like it a lot so far. Haven't really had too much of a chance to wear this for long periods of time, but the reviews are really good so I imagine I won't be disappoint (knock on wood).

And lastly, my only drugstore purchase of the month and it's a new one from Revlon. This is the Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in 500 HD Garnet and yes I bought a gloss for some reason despite my dislike of them. I like to try out new releases, okay? When I think of garnets I don't think of purple-leaning pinks, but I mean, that's just a little nitpicky thing. These are thick glosses but it's pretty opaque and true to color to what you see in the tube. I don't quite know what the difference, if any, there is between lip lacquers and glosses, but I surprisingly like this. Again, this probably isn't the most unique formula, but I like the shade a lot.

Anyway, this isn't that awful. But I know I could do better. I think it's a combination of wanting to try things out and the stress I've been under. Work has been super busy these last two weeks and it's only going to be worse this week too (ugh), and that's when I get into the mindset that I need to treat myself. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself, but within reason, right? So what about you guys, how do you budget your beauty spending? Do you have any special budgeting tricks?

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