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Friday, October 03, 2014

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One of my goals for the month is to stick to only five new pieces in my makeup/skincare collection. At the moment I don't feel like there's anything I absolutely need and I've been pretty content with what I have in my collection. My skincare routine is pretty set - I'm starting to run out my eye cream but I have another that I'll purchase once I used it all up, so I feel like this month will be mostly new beauty products. One of the biggest things I learned from last once was to give myself some wiggle room - having planned out exactly what I was going to get last month made me fill a little constrained. And since I've already received two of my five (which I'm pretty excited to show you guys in a post some time) I give myself three spots to fill.

I was in Sephora when I first spotted this: the Diorskin Star Concealer, which is a new launch along with the matching foundation and I find myself really wanting this. I own and really like the Diorskin Nude Concealer but it's not as brightening as I'd like it do be and this one seems like the answer to that specific problem. I'm holding off because I'm really trying to get through one concealer before adding another to my collection, but ugh that's really difficult!

Ashley of MakeupTIA had included the Becca Mineral Blush in Songbird in her Favorite Fall Things Tag video - and if there's someone who really influences my purchases it would definitely be her. Peachy toned blushes are pretty flattering on me and this looked like an autumn alternative to my beloved Nars Gilda Blush. Plus, I always like to try out new brands and I've never tried Becca before (their packaging is pretty interesting!)

And another new release has been from the new brand Nudestix. I'm really interested in the packaging - the products come in these tins that include a sharpener and a mirrored lid, which seems really convenient! I am interested in the Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color in Spirit which looks to be a bronze shadow. The reviews, so far, seem pretty positive and I really like the idea of an eyeshadow pencil - I'm pretty clumsy with brushes so it seems like something that would be easy to apply and easy to blend with just your fingers.

The only problem that I have with this time of the year is that a lot of the holiday stuff are slowly starting to trickle into stores, and those can always be a little tempting. Are you excited for new releases? What's on your wishlist?

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