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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

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A new month, a whole new list of goals to forget about. I kid, but I feel like if I document some of my goals in a public place like a blog I have a better chance of accomplishing (or at least make an attempt at accomplishing) some of these things, right?

Stick to my blogging schedule I have all of my post ideas for October planned out with the intention of somehow translating ideas into actual posts. I just need to follow through with some decent photos with good written content, while still going through comments, reading other blogs, being a bit better at social media while working a full time job: easy, right? Some bloggers make this look like a cake walk! But like I said I have a lot of ideas planned but they don't always make into posts.

Lay off the soda I was cleaning my room the other day and found like 10 bottles of soda, no joke, and I am not proud of it. Disclaimer, that was probably from the entire month of September (I'm a slob I know), but that's still a lot of soda and when you think about how much sugar a bottle has in each one - it's a ridiculous amount. It's a bit tough because I do like carbonated drinks. Maybe I can find a soda that doesn't have like a million teaspoons of sugar in it.

Finish The Lucifer Effect and start on my book back-log It's not that the book is particularly difficult but I seem to have the shortest attention span these days and find myself starting and never finishing a lot of books. I haven't really finished a novel in so long, which is really sad since I was such an avid reader when I was going to school. I can't say it's that I don't have the time because that's not true but how do people concentrate? I'm still trying to figure that out, but I'm only two chapters away from finishing The Lucifer Effect - I can do this!

Stick to the monthly five this month Last month was a bit of a set back in terms of sticking to what I've planned, but I think I've learned from my mistakes. One, definitely give myself some wiggle room in case there's a new release that I absolutely have to have *cough*Nars Audcaious*cough*. And two, to do a bit more research on the stuff that I do actually have planned out. I'll try and have September's five (and the extra bits) put into a post soon so we can all see how (badly) I did!

Invest in one quality garment I think I'm at the point in my wardrobe where I can buy fewer pieces and still feel content with what I have. I haven't quite figured out the what or from where quite yet, but one new garment this month sounds fine. On my list are: black trousers with pockets, another skirt (something a bit different from my usual), a patterned shirt or maybe a dress of some kind. I'll figure something out.

So what about you guys? Do you have any specific goals that you'd like to accomplish for this month?

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