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Sunday, October 05, 2014

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Since I've began my search for better quality pieces in my wardrobe I've also started to consider other things besides just the style and fit and price of clothes. While those three things are important to factor in, there are other factors to consider when shopping for new clothes that can be the deciding factor in how well your wardrobe works for you and your life.

Your wardrobe right now
I think it's important to know the state of your wardrobe right now before you add anything new. How many shirts do you have? Do you need another one? If you bought a new piece would it be able to mesh well with your existing items?
I always trick myself into thinking that I need new gray t-shirts by giving it the justification that it's a "different gray t-shirt", but at the end of the day it's a gray tee and I have like 50 of those now and I won't be buying any more any time soon. But as I was going through all of my gray tees, I did notice a distinct lack of blouses. But now I know what I need, and what I don't.

Your lifestyle now
Not all of us can be like those popular fashion bloggers and wear whatever they want all the time. I work in an office five days a week and can't pull off mesh skirts or blue fur jackets. And while the dress code at my work is a bit more lax, at the end of the day, my things still have to be appropriate. That doesn't mean that I've given up my short skirts and shorts, it just means that I don't wear them as often. And because I don't wear them as often I don't buy those pieces as regularly as I would things that I do wear at work like shirts and trousers. What your life is like now or how it will be in the near future is what you should factor in when curating your wardrobe, not how it might it be in a year or two.

Fabric & fabric care
While I don't think it's absolutely necessary to know everything there is to know about every single kind of fabric in the world, how something feels can also play a part in how often you wear something. If you're ever in San Diego and you see someone weirdly caressing different garments in stores, that's probably me. I know that there are certain kinds fabrics and textures that work for me and some don't. And how a fabric feels against the skin is huge thing for me and something that I cannot comprise on no matter how it looks.
And fabric care is another thing that can be a deciding factor when it comes to new clothes. Things that are dry-clean only are just not appealing to me for several reasons, and I can only have so many hand-washed garments before it becomes too tedious for my life. But you can't throw everything into the wash and expect it to end up the same at the end of it. Knowing how to take care of your clothes plays a huge part in how well it will last you. And buying pieces that you know that you can properly care for can make your wardrobe all the more wearable for you.

Besides the look & price of an item what are some of the things that you look for in a garment? Are you like me and like to caress clothes (and fabrics) before buying them or is that just a weird little habit I've picked up?

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