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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


While I honestly don't think I have a very big "stash" of makeup and what not, sometimes things end up getting a bit neglected. I think it has a lot to do with novelty - as I add more stuff to the stash the older pieces end up getting shoved into the back. And with all of these new makeup lines for fall popping up everywhere it is a bit hard to refrain from the stuff I limited myself to, but I thought it'd be a good idea to rotate my makeup a bit more often and use up some of the older stuff as well!

I got this Josie Maran Argan Color Stick in Rosey at the same time I got another blush from Josie Maran - the watercolor gelee - and I just liked that a bit more at the time. But when I was pulling stuff out I did a ton of swatches and I kept looking at the swatch for this and thinking, huh, why don't I use this more often? For a two-in-one lip/cheek product this is something that's both comfortable on the lips and cheeks which isn't always what happens with these kinds of products (it's usually one or the other). I haven't really tested the wear time, but the color looks so natural and lovely, I can't believe I've put off using this! The biggest thing that I'm on the fence about with this product though is the smell - it's very gingery - and that's kind of weird. But I'll report back how I feel about it at a later time!

I go through phases with lipsticks and currently I'm in easy to wear lipsticks mood and this next pair fits the bill. For things with the word "whisper" in their name, the Maybelline Color Whispers actually have pretty decent pigmentation for the most part! I actually own four of these, which is a rarity in my collection. I hardly ever pick more than one or two shades out from a line, so I suppose that's a testament to how much I actually like the formula of these. The two pictured here are, from right to left, Who Wore it Red-er and Berry Ready. Which is another thing I like about this line: the naming. Sometimes names of things aren't descriptive at all - I'm looking at you NARS - and that's okay sometimes but when you're like me and can't for the life of you describe colors, I, at least, have some footing when "red" and "berry" are in the names, right? Anyway, for fall, these are an excellent pick and I have to start carrying them around more often!

And lastly, concealer. I made it a personal goal to finish one concealer completely before buying anything new. I've had this Maybelline Fit Me Concealer for quite some time now and it's still going strong. This has been a favorite for years (even before I actually got into makeup I at least had this concealer) and it's been pushed back because I've found some great formulas in the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer & the Diorskin Nude Concealers. But while the shade isn't the best for brightening (and the one lighter than this is way too light) I think this is a legitimately good concealer especially if your on a budget!

Have you been lusting over some new releases? Or have you been shopping your stash lately?

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