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Monday, September 29, 2014


I don't know about you guys but I'm glad that September is almost over! While I can't really say much about October we're one month closer to November, which is my birthday month, and we're slowly creeping into holiday season. But onto the favorites! The first one isn't pictured here because I'm actually using it - I bought a new camera! The Sony NEX-5T is a mirrorless camera that is super lightweight and portable while still maintaining really good picture quality. Plus it's the very first camera that I've bought with my own money, so there's something that makes me feel pretty proud about that!

Skincare wise, I've absolutely loved the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid mini that I picked up with the Cermidin Starter Kit earlier this month. I think this has made such a difference to my skin I think - it's definitely more hydrated and feels a bit more plump. I highly recommend it especially as we get into the colder months, plus you get a full five ounces in the full sized version for $39!

I don't normally gravitate towards nail polish - when I go shopping in Sephora it's one of those things I usually over look. But for some reason I've been really drawn to Nails Inc. I've really enjoyed the revamp of their polishes - the squared off bottles look so much sleeker and the logo and design looks really lovely. It doesn't hurt that they've enlisted Alexa Chung to model the new look. I've been cycling between two polishes: the Nails Inc Alexa Cashmere, which is a light purple matte textured polish, and the Nails Inc Nail Kale in Victoria, an absolutely gorgeous fall-appropriate dark burgundy. I absolutely adore textured polishes so the Alexa Cashmere polish has been on my nails quite a lot. It's a matte polish but still has a been of iridescence to it and the color reminds me of this cashmere sweater my mom used to wear. The Nail Kale is a bit of a newer addition but I really enjoy how easy it is to apply - with dark shades like this I find that it can be a bit difficult to get an even color all around, but this is self-leveling and dries within a reasonable time. I can't say anything about the "conditioning" effects this has but the nail polish scent isn't as pungent with this one. I'm really tempted to pick up one or two more shades in this Nail Kale line!

I can't seem to find the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner in whiskey, but that has quickly become a staple in my makeup rotation. It applies like a dream, smudges easily, and once set lasts all day, what more can I ask for in a pencil liner? I just hope that I haven't lost it! And surprisingly the NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Brousse has also become a staple in my collection. The idea of buying a full blown palette terrifies me because there hasn't been a palette where I thought 'I'd totally wear every shade', so things like duos or quads are the ones that I'm drawn towards the most really. While I'm not normally a big eyeshadow wearer in general, this duo has really changed my mind! The shades are ones that I'd actually wear on a regular basis and are a bit more interesting than your average neutral. The quality of the eye shadows are excellent and very easy to work with even for an eyeshadow novice like myself.

Not very many favorites again this month, but I think with the fewer new items I pick up the more I'm able to appreciate what I do get! Anyway, what about you? Are you excited that September is over? And what was on your September favorites?

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