sunday summary #6

Sunday, June 08, 2014

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1. I feel like a walking Starbucks advertisement because I do post a lot about them everyday. And I literally go there every single day because of work and lack of motivation to make my own coffee. So I had to try out their new pastries and OHMYGOD I've been in love with their Almond Croissant Blossoms - they're so delicious! I have to refrain myself because they're a bit pricey but some days it just calls my name... On a random note, my usual drink is a grande caramel iced coffee with half and half.

2. I've also been trying to get into drinking tea instead of my usual soda at work and have been failing miserably to really like it. I'm just not a tea drinker and I accept that. I'll just have to gorge myself on the coffee at work but unless it's iced I'm not the biggest fan of drip coffee.

3. In other news, it was my sister's high school graduation on Thursday! I think it won't hit me that she's going to college until she's at the airport and I'm crying my eyes out. We went to a lovely family-style Italian restaurant in downtown SD and I picked up this notebook (which was part of the Pendelton Notebook Set) & the TonyMoly Red Appletox Honey Cream at the Urban Outfitters a block away.

4. I placed myself on a drugstore makeup ban for the rest of the month. I'm pretty good about making purchases on higher-end makeups and what not because the prices usually force me to think 'is this actually worth it?' But with drugstore makeup I feel like I end up buying them because they aren't expensive so I end up getting quite a few and then those add up... I have a post scheduled on my recent purchases, but hopefully by the time that goes up I won't have already broken my ban.

5. I did some sewing this weekend! I'm working on with theButterick B5300 shirt pattern in this lovely striped cotton I picked up from JoAnn's (which you can see in my last post). I think I picked up the wrong interfacing for the fabric, but it's look okay so far!

Anyway, how was your week/weekend? Are you on summer vacation now or did you go to any graduations?

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