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Friday, April 18, 2014

bespectacled, non-beauty favorites bespectacled, non-beauty favorites

It's a tiny bit more than halfway through the month and I wanted to share a few more of my non-beauty favorites to kind of take a break from all the beauty things lately.

1. Phone Holder This is just so cute! I bought this at Marukai/Daiso Japan, which sells a whole bunch of different items for $1.50. Did I need this? No. I don't have a night stand so I usually have my phone next to my pillow on my bed, but it's just such a cute thing to have. I love yellow chicks!

2. Dark Souls 2 This game came out a month ago in March and I am hooked. I haven't quite finished the game what with work, blogging, and family taking up a good chunk of my life, but I'd say I was about more than halfway through. Anyway, this game series is notorious for it's difficulty: you WILL die, and OFTEN. It's a bit difficult to write about the plot of the game because the story-telling in this game is very limited - you're thrown in and expected to come up with your own theories and ideas based on what the NPCs, loading screens, and items tell you. Which is a nice change from games that kind of slap you in the face with plot. But the gist: the people of the world are being cursed, death is no longer final. Instead, people become hollow, a state between life and death and it's up to you (maybe) to figure out how to stop this curse.

bespectacled, non-beauty favorites bespectacled, non-beauty favorites

3. Strawberry Screen Cleaner Another cute product from Daiso Japan and this one is actually pretty functional. The back of the strawberry is made of terry cloth-like product and is perfect for cleaning up screens, while being super adorable.

4. Tide to Go Pen I am messy eater/drinker. Honestly, sometimes I eat like a small child and end up getting crumbs and what not everywhere. And then I end up with these mysterious stains on my clothes - not exactly something that screams "adult" in most peoples books. Having this around has seriously helped me so many times, it has definitely become an essential in my bag.

bespectacled, non-beauty favorites bespectacled, non-beauty favorites

5. Ikea Candles I don't believe in buying expensive candles, personally. So, I adore the fact that Ikea sells good quality candles for super cheap. Although, I wonder what "SINNLIG" means anyway.

6. Bluetooth Keyboard I purchased this from Amazon for super cheap and I couldn't be more pleased. The one I got uses two triple A batteries and works on both apple & window devices. I didn't want to buy the Apple version because I thought they were too expensive, but this works fine and connected to my ipad with no issue. I've had it for a few weeks now and I have no complaints!

What are your non-beauty favorites?

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