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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

bespectacled, what i wore, outfit of the day, ootd, Dolce Vita, H&M, thrifted, self made bespectacled, what i wore, outfit of the day, ootd, Dolce Vita, H&M, thrifted, self made

Aside from the resolutions that I had made at the beginning of the year, I forgot to list a bunch that I only remembered afterwards. One of those resolutions was to improve my sewing skills and to make different types of pieces. I'm a notorious skirt DIY-er because they're fairly simple to make and easy to fit. But I haven't really dabbled in making things like tops and jackets or even pants, and this year I'm really going to attempt to make those things.

I made this shirt dress in December and have worn it a lot then without really featuring it here. I'm at this point with my wardrobe where I hate everything and can never find anything that I like to wear. On those days I just wear this because it's easy to wear and works in whatever situation I find myself in. The pattern came from a Japanese sewing book called Simple Modern Sewing by Shufu to Seikatsu Sha. I'm planning on showing you guys what it looks like and my complete a few more project from it, so that should be upcoming within a few weeks, in case you're curious.

These shoes are also new too and I'm rather proud of the fact that they're real leather and cost me $4! My mom gave me a $50 giftcard to Nordstrom and basically I paid for the tax. I love the look of these -- pointy toed shoes are becoming my signature -- only problem is they're a bit tight on my right foot, only, which is kind of strange. I'm still trying to break them because I just really enjoy how they look.

Do you guys sew? Have you ever DIY-ed your own clothes before?

Thrifted plaid men's coat
Self-made navy blue pinstripe shirt dress
Dolce Vita Pointed Flats (sale)
H&M belt (old)
Lips: CoverGirl Jumbo Gloss Balm in 230 Berry Twist

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