January 2014 in review

Friday, January 31, 2014

bespectacled, monthly favorites, Starbucks bespectacled, monthly favorites, Starbucks Via, Discoveries Iced Cafe Favorites
I'm reviving my "month in review" series by just going over some random things that happened to me over the month. I'm glad that the month is over because with the end of this month we're finally starting to see some usual weather here in San Diego. Before we were seeing some pretty unusual highs for this month, it was 86 degrees Fahrenheit at one point! But now things are cooling down and hopefully we'll be seeing some rain as well!

Anyway, this month I've been drinking lots of Starbucks, in stores and at home! I found these new Starbucks Discoveries Iced Cafe Favorites and have been addicted and I also have some random Starbucks Via that my parents got me. Plus I started to re-read one of my favorite book series!

bespectacled, selfie, haircut bespectacled, selfie, haircut
I've gotten a hair cut! I think it's been over a year since I've gotten a cut, so hopefully getting it short will encourage me to go more often. I still haven't figured out how to style it quite yet -- I'm awful with a hair curler -- but I love having short hair! It's so much easier to brush through now and looks a lot thicker than it did before.

bespectacled, DIY, self made, striped top, faux leather paneled skirt
I had two sewing projects that I completed this month: a striped boxy top & this faux leather paneled skirt. While they aren't sewn the best I do like how they turned out and will feature them in a what I wore post soon. The skirt was inspired by this Forever 21 M-Slit Mini Skirt, the "m-slit" which I've seen a lot, mostly in maxi skirts, but I think it's a cheeky little addition to a mini. Plus I only needed half a yard of faux leather, which cost me about $4, plus the zipper which is around $2. The final total is $6 for a skirt, not bad, right?

bespectacled, beauty, January 2014 haul, Batiste, Revlon, L'Oreal, essie, Real Techniques, flower beauty, Almay, Jordana Cosmetics, Rimmel, Physicians Formula, Maybelline
And finally, I've been buying lots of beauty-related products this month, prompting me to place a beauty-spending ban for the month of February. I blame Nouveau Cheap for telling me of new releases and giving me coupons. Hopefully there won't be anything too covet-able popping up next month. But thanks to them I did manage to get a concealer from Physicians Formula + an essie nail polish for only $13, so I suppose I did save some money as well.

Happy Lunar New Year -- it's the year of the horse again! So, how did the first month of the new year treat you?

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