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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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For me there's nothing like a good book and coffee, and maybe coffee shop atmosphere. There's something about going into a local Starbucks and just working on something or reading; I find I'm fairly productive in coffee shop typed ambiance. Maybe it's the background noise? But anyway, at home I typically have some instant Starbucks coffee around and recently my parents got me the Starbucks Via Caramel instant coffee, which I made with milk and can't say that I like it that way. I might just boil some water instead.

As for reading material, I'm in the middle of two books: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams & Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks. I've read the entire Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe series and recently finished the first book and am onto this second one. I highly recommend this entire series, it's my favorite book series and is hilarious. And the second book, which is similarly colored, is a book that focuses on describing hallucinations in otherwise mentally-fit individuals. While the book is fascinating, at times I find the topics a bit too repetitive for my level? I'm used to reading scientific literature so something like this is a bit easy for me. But if you're someone who isn't so familiar with reading works of science and psychology, I find works by Oliver Sacks to be very approachable. I also like his, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat.

So, what are you reading at the moment?

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