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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

zara cotton dress, bespectacled, saffiano lather mini city bag, john masters organics green tea & rose hydrating face serum, forever 21 modernist monkstrap shoes, wishlist

Despite the almost summer-like highs that we've been getting here in So Cal, it's been extremely dry as of late and my skin is in need of some extra hydration. I've been considering different serums & facial oils but I think, for my budget, the John Masters Organics Green Tea & Rose Hydrating Face Serum, at $26, would be a good choice.

Next on my list is a new bag. I'm not much a bag person honestly, but the bag that I currently is like four or five years old and I'm definitely in need of something that is more "adult", if that makes any sense. The Zara Saffiano Leather Mini City Bag is expensive, at $79.90, but I'm hoping that eventually it will go on sale. Although I think this is part of Zara's most recent collection. But I suppose, $80 for a real leather bag isn't awful, right?

I'm always on the search for new shoes, and lately black has been my go-to color. Really though, I only wear two colors for shoes: nude & black. I was on the search for some oxford typed shoes when these Forever 21 Modernist Monkstrap Shoes caught my eye. I wouldn't have guessed that these are from Forever 21 just looking at them! I find that Forever 21 style tends to lean on very feminine clothes and accessories and these shoes are very androgynous, I feel. I quite like the look of them, and I feel that they would add an interesting touch to my more feminine outfits.

And lastly is this Zara Cotton Dress, which doesn't look much in this picture but I am in the market for a simple black dress. What I like about this dress are the different seams and the fact the skirt & bodice are just one piece. For me, I find dresses that have a seam at the waist a bit distracting and I just think this a lovely basic to have, year round. Is this something DIY-able? I think so! So maybe I'll just make something similar instead?

Incidentally, all of these things would be lovely altogether. So, what is on your wishlist at the moment?

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