a very late Christmas wishlist

Friday, December 20, 2013

christmas, x-mas, wishlist, RGB nail polish dusk, dior addict lip glow, ikea FADO table lamp, zara messenger bag with metallic detail, soap and glory butter yourself body cream, urban outfitters scalloped edged hanging chalkboard, topshop kapa cutout shoe, uo wire storage basket, ren f10 smooth and renew mask 1. RGB Nail Polish in "Dusk" $18
2. Dior Addict Lip Glow $31
3. Ikea FADO Table Lamp $19.99
4. Zara Messenger Bag with Metallic Detail $39.99
5. Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Body Cream $20
6. Urban Outfitters Scalloped-Edged Hanging Chalkboard $14
7. Topshop Kapa Cutout Shoe $85
8. Urban Outfitters Wire Storage Basket $34
9. REN F10 Smooth & Renew Mask $37

When it comes to the holidays I tend to ask for things that I normally wouldn't normally purchase for myself. I'm the kind of person who always has to try and justify a purchase and question whether or not I really "need" something, and for some things the answer ends up being a no. For example the gorgeous Dior Addict Lip Glow: do I need it? Honestly no, but would I love it and use it all of the time? Yes, absolutely. And then there are things I can justify based on price, like the RGB Nail Polish in Dusk, the Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Body Cream, and the REN F10 Smooth & Renew Mask. Honestly they aren't too expensive but I'm usually the type of person who sticks with drugstore brands and hopes for the best. But the color of that nail polish, absolutely stunning! And then there are things like impractical shoes, new bags, and room decor which I don't need at all really. I'd much rather spend my money on clothing and beauty so my room has ended up a bit bare.

Anyway, what types of presents do you like to receive and what's on your holiday wishlist this year?

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