September 2013 Favorites

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

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I had done filming today on my September 2013 favorites, but my camera was having some super weird issues and I have to scrap most of the film. Ugh. Not exactly a great start for my adventures in youtube, but oh well. So this post will be going up before the video, but I'll do a separate post for when I get everything up.

Honestly, September was a bit of a boring month for me and I haven't really tried too many new things, but I do have some beauty & skincare favorites as well as some other random ones here. Anyway, here is another edition to my monthly favorites, if you'd like to read more, please click the "read more" link below.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer
This product was featured in my second FOTD pot, if you'd like to read more about my thoughts on it. I just like how it gives me the coverage I want (very light) with broad spectrum SPF 20 and retinol (which has anti-aging properties to it). If you're looking for a good tinted moisturizer/light foundation typed product at the drugstore, I highly recommend this.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paolo
I know that autumn is filled with darker lip colors, but I wear lots of blacks and dark grays anyway and would rather have a bit more vibrant color on my lips. This was also featured in my FOTD post, so you can see how it looks on my face there. But it does show up a bit more vibrant in real life and is described on the NYX website as a "plummy-pink" color, and that's true, but like I said it is more vibrant. It's a matte lip cream so it is a tad drying, but it lasts a long time, maybe about 3-4 hours without touch ups. If you're into matte lip creams this is another one I recommend. Plus NYX does this formulation in a decent amount of colors as well if "San Paolo" isn't your taste. Plus they smell like cake batter!

e.l.f. brow kit
Featured before elsewhere and in July's monthly favorites so I won't ramble too much about this. But I love it, it does what it's supposed, lasts all day an costs only $3. I'm planning on doing a review on this, so keep an eye out for that.

Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix
These are exfoliating face pads which I use as a replacement for toner. I'm still on the look out for an exfoliating-typed toner (to no avail at the moment) but these have been working really well for me. So this claims to hydrate, exfoliate and soothe and I think it delivers on most of those claims. I get dry patches on my cheekbones normally but I haven't lately. My skin feels nice as well and doesn't dry out further after I use this. Plus I haven't had weird skin reactions with this and I've used it on my eyelids. But I'd still be a bit cautious. The reason why I'm still looking for a toner however is because, although I like this, I'm not sure how cost-effective it is. I use this once or twice a day so I imagine it will last me for another month or so (it has 60 pads), whereas a full toner would most likely last me much longer. But we'll see.

And lastly, I have three random favorites as well. I've been really enjoying the game app, Final Fantasy Theatrhythm and this Korean candy burnt rice candy (누룽지), which sounds weird but is strangely addictive and tastes a bit like popcorn actually. And finally I got a new phone! This is the HTC One and I mostly got it for the camera. My last phone was like three years old and was super slow and had an awful camera. Now you can see embarrassing photos of myself on instagram in high quality. I'm @akiterine.

monthly favorites, bespectacled final fantasy theatrhythm, ipad
nurungji candy, monthly favorites, bespectacled, korean candy
bespectacled, monthly favorites, HTC one

So those are my September favorites. What things have you guys been liking for September?

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