recent purchases: beauty & skincare

Thursday, September 26, 2013

recent purchases, beauty, skincare, haul

I haven't really posted up too many of my recent purchases because I was hoping to gather enough items to film a "haul" type video, since I buy things in small-ish chunks rather than all at once. This collection of beauty and skincare products have been made over late August to now, which I'm proud isn't really too much.

Anyway, this will be a multi-parter since I think putting all of my thoughts & opinions in one post will be a bit too tedious to read all at once. Plus, I've also purchased & made some clothing lately that I'd also like to share. I had originally planned to do my "recent purchases" posts in smaller chunks, but I've been a bit lazy with that lately. Sorry! The first post will be up tomorrow, perhaps with other type posts spaced in between.

Have you guys purchased any new beauty & skincare lately? What do you think of them? And also, would you rather see all of recent purchases in one long post or in multiple chunks?

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