Madewell Fall 2013

Monday, September 02, 2013

Source: Refinery 29

Autumn is by far my favorite season however, So Cal autumn isn't anything special at least compared to New England autumns which is what I think of when you say "autumn". I can wax lyrical about how beautiful the changing leaves were or how there was a certain crispness in the air on cold autumn mornings, but I'll save you the awkwardness of my gushing. I'm not normally a shopper at Madewell, as the prices are a bit too out of my budget at the moment. But, I love the styling of their fall 2013 lookbook and want all the pieces in these four specific outfits. Of course the "Bien" sweater would be a easy DIY, but had I the necessary funds for these clothes I'd be one of the first to line up when it finally drops.

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