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Thursday, August 01, 2013

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It's August already so I've decided to post up my July 2013 favorite products. One thing that is my favorite but I don't post a photo of is, of course, my Bardot flats from Need Supply Co. You've probably seen them enough to know that they're my favorites and I don't want to bore you guys with my continuous ramblings on them. Anyway, if you're interested in reading more about my favorites, please click the "read more" link. Also, I've formatted my favorites a bit differently this time because I feel that long ramble-y paragraphs might be a bit difficult to read.

Sonic Screwdriver
I got this at the Doctor Who fan meet-up and although it's not related to the 50th anniversary I was so happy to finally get some more Doctor Who merchandise. I just found out that they'll be announcing the 12th Doctor on SUNDAY and I'm trying to mentally prepare, but really I have no idea what to feel! While I'm sad to see Matt Smith leaving, I'm also really excited to see the next doctor.

Almay color+care liquid lip balm
The colors are in 900 apricot & 300 apple a day. I mostly like them because they smell like cotton candy, and I absolutely love that (as childish as that sounds). But other than that I do legitimately like these products themselves. They're basically a lip gloss/lip balm hybrid. The color themselves don't last long and are a bit sheer, but the lip balm feeling does last and leaves your lips feeling moisturized. I just really enjoy this product.

Nail Stuff
I talked about getting into nail polishes in a previous post and I like the nail polish remover & cuticle cream that I mentioned there, but I decided not take a photo of them. And while I do like the polish I had mentioned in that post, I just adore the color & formulation of the Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in 231 Blue Eyed Girl. I get really impatient with nail polishes and so a lot of the mistakes I make are after I've applied them and I brush them up against something or accidentally dent them or something. This particular nail polish dries super quick, is opaque enough that I only need one coat on my nails, and the color is really nice and it pops with my otherwise dull colored outfits.

e.l.f. eyebrow kit
I never realized what a difference filling just part of my eyebrows would make on my face. My eyebrows are a bit sparse towards the middle of my face and filling them in just looks so different to me and I actually do like it. It probably isn't noticeable to others but since I'm so used to seeing my eyebrows one way it's a bit strange to see them even a little filled in. With e.l.f. products things are a bit of a hit or miss for me, but this eyebrow kit works rather well for my needs.

I've been putting color back into my face with these three blushes lately. First up is the Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Blush in natural. I was so intrigued by the premise of this blush that I had to try it out, and while this particular shade doesn't give me the most color, it does give me a little shimmer when applied over my Revlon Photoready Cream Blush in 300 Coral Reef. Plus it has a long-lasting vanilla smell that I really enjoy. The Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in rose does give more color payoff than the sexy booster, but isn't as highly scented as that product. And it's just so cute. CVS was having a 40% sale on Physicians Formula products and I just had to have it. And lastly, my cream blush. It's a cream blush with a powder finish and works well for me because I have dry skin and I find that powder blushes can stick to dry patches that I may have that day. Despite how intimidating the color is in the pan, it blends well and you can make it as sheer or opaque as you like.

Midi Rings from Urban Outfitters
I really wanted to get some midi rings for myself and I stepped into Urban Outfitters one day and decided to pick these two (and another ring) up. I love the look of midi rings, and I'm quite happy with this purchase and have been wearing them quite often.

So those are my favorite products for July! What products, beauty, skincare or whatever, did you enjoy last month?

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