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Monday, August 19, 2013

what I wore, wiwt, ootd, H&M, DIY denim dress
I've said before that I've wanted to post more outfits onto this blog, and yet I always find a part of me being a bit hesitant and self-conscious. I'm at this point where I'm still trying to develop my own style and am in the middle of purging a lot of bits and pieces from my wardrobe.

I own very few dresses since I prefer separates, but if there is one type of material that can go with everything it has to be denim. I was inspired by this photo from Madewell's Fall Outfit Ideas section and I just had to have some kind of denim dress of my own. I can't justify making a $110 purchase on just one dress at the moment, so I opted to make this one myself. The pattern is the New Look 6409 pattern again except sleeveless. The neckline gapes a bit on me, but I think if I take off some of the seam at the shoulder, everything will lay flatter.

Another DIY I was thinking of doing was inspired by this skirt from chicnova that I saw worn on 2QHAN's latest DIY video. I'm hoping to thrift some large gray sweater to make something like this! That's what I like about being able to sew. If I see something that I really would like to wear, if it isn't too complicated, I could definitely attempt to make something similar and oftentimes a lot cheaper. And I really enjoy this hobby!

what I wore, wiwt, ootd, H&M, DIY denim dress, fresh sugar lip treatment in berry

I apologize for all of the hair mussing, I'm still trying to figure out poses and what not

H&M white long sleeve shirt
self-made denim dress
H&M sandals
fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Berry

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  1. Your dress is lovely! Very jealous of your glasses too :)


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