summer essentials pt 4

Saturday, July 27, 2013

7) Dresses

Forever 21 dress

Blue Dress from Forever 21 (old)

Personally I prefer separates over one pieces like dresses but in the summer time dresses become part of my summer uniform. Dresses are just easy to throw on and still look like you may have gotten some thought to your outfit. This particular light blue one is an old dress from Forever 21 that I like to layer under my favorite striped cardigan and ta-da I look presentable. If you're picking out a summer dress try and look for fabric that is lightweight & breathable.

8) Nude Flats
Need Supply bardot flats, nude flats

Need Supply Bardot Flats

You're probably sick & tired of my featuring these shoes on my blog but I've almost been wearing them everyday since I've gotten them. If you're petite like I am nude shoes are the perfect way to look a tiny bit taller. I wear these with everything really, shorts, skirts, jeans, these have really become a staple in my closet not only for this summer but I imagine year round. This type of flat is called D'Orsay, and I've seen brands from every price point put out shoes like these. So if you like this particular style of flat I imagine you can find one for a reasonable price. Lulu*s has put out a bunch of d'orsay flats in several different colors for a reasonable price, and of course you can always check out Need Supply Co., which is where I got these pair.

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