summer essentials pt 3

Monday, July 22, 2013

5) Sandals

sandals, H&M

Both sandals are from H&M

Continuing my summer essentials series, I come to my two current summer sandals, both of which are from H&M. This particular type of sandal type with the ankle strap and the strap for your toes has been pretty popular this season actually, mostly in heel form, but I figured that this flat & flatform versions are good enough for me. I've been loving the white pair more because I bought at the beginning of this month at H&M for $7 (along with the scarf that I wore at the Doctor Who fan meet up, which was also on sale for $5) which was great for me because I was seriously eyeing it before it went on sale. It also gives me an inch and a half of height, which almost makes me average sized, as sad as that is. Plus I've been liking how the white looks against my more slightly tanned skin.

6) Silk Blouse
thrifted, silk blouse

100% silk blouse thrifted

If you've been here long enough you know that this little beaut was actually thrifted a few months back and has been one of the best thrifting finds for me. I find that it just gives a more sophisticated feel to any bottom that I'm wearing and it's breezy enough that I don't have to worry too much about sweating in it. Really, a silk blouse is an essential regardless of season (at least for me), but if you're worried about price Everlane offers a really lovely silk blouse for $80 or you can take your chances at a thrift store. If you're worried about caring for silk, this article from Pochampally is very helpful

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