July 2013 in review

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

my sister and I took photos at a bridge near our home, we also took videos so I hope you'll look forward to it

Since it's the end of the month, I decided to show some photos of what happened during this month. If I had a better camera on my phone these monthly-review-in-photos type thing would be with photos on my instagram, but I'm hoping to upgrade my phone soon. Anyway, some of the highlights of this month are: my dad's birthday, Doctor Who fan meet up, finding out this cupcake place opened up nearby (which is both a good and bad thing), & wearing my new shoes all the time. Next month is my sisters (both of them) birthday on the same day too. I'm rather proud of myself for being able to blog everyday this month, while I can't make the same promise for next month, I will be blogging more frequently than before. My sister and I are still looking for a name for our youtube channel and we hope that we'll be able to put out content soon!

If you're interested in some of my favorite photos this month, please click on the "read more".

Cupcakes from Love Cupcake Cafe, they were delicious

My mom loves using my dad's phone and takes photos of everything

Awesome Sherlock cosplay at the Doctor Who fan meet up, poor thing though, he was baking in the San Diego heat (sorry for my derpy face)

The 10th Doctor cosplay with a Rose doll

Beware the Simian Flu, this is my sister by the way

What I'm doing on my free time usually, drinking Starbucks iced coffee with caramel & milk and reading The Lucifer Effect

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