in a style rut

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Source: Blame it On Fashion, Et pourquoi pas Coline, & Sara Strand

I've been in a bit of a style rut lately, and because of that I stick to known pairings in my wardrobe that have worked for me before leaving my outfits kind of boring in my opinion. It got to the point where I asked my sister to go through my closet and pick something out for me. I'm in my twenties for gods sake, heck there are some more fashionable toddlers out there. Whenever I feel a bit in a rut I check out my tumblr page & my feedly app for some inspiration. Not the most SD summer appropriate outfits, but lovely never the less. Note to self: I need more prints & cool sweaters in my life.

By the way, I use the Feedly app to follow blogs now that GFC is "dead", how do you follow your favorite blogs?

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