I wish I was going to Comic Con 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Today the doors to the convention center opened to let in it's latest crowd of comic con goers. And unfortunately this year we weren't able to get tickets and my entire family was not selected to buy the left over tickets last month. I have this theory that because we're from here we're not adding to the absolutely huge amounts of tourism that San Diego because we're from here. We just need to ride the bus & trolley to get there and I know where to eat cheaply if I wanted to. (Food inside the convention center are ridiculously expensive). Whereas a tourist will have to pay for hotel, transportation, souvenirs, etcetera etcetera. I remember going when I was little and the venues were much smaller and nowadays it is one of the biggest & most popular conventions. If you're a geek and you go to comic con you feel kind of at home, you know? There are a bunch of fan meet ups happening outside of comic con too and my sisters and I are planning to go to the Doctor Who fan meetup at least.

Anyway, the following photos are from Comic Con 2012 that I've had on a memory card for a while now, not really having anywhere to show them. The pictures really don't do it justice though, if you manage to get a ticket, even if you're not into comics, movies, shows, whatever, it's still a really great experience. You can try out new games, take pictures with cosplayers (make sure you ask nicely), see celebrities, all sorts of things. And I really wish I was going this year!

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