happy 1st birthday bespectacled

Thursday, July 11, 2013

This is actually Boston creme pie from the fourth of July, but oh well!

Today marks one year since I've started this humble little blog and is the longest I've actually had a blog up and updated it. I've started other blogs before and I always lose confidence & motivation to keep blogging. But I'm hoping this blog will be different. Rather than dwelling on the past here are a few of my goals for the upcoming year of it's life!

Goals for the next year of Bespectacled
have a decent following
improve my HTML/CSS skills (I learned basics when I was 8 but never really updated my knowledge)
blog on a more consistent schedule
be able to monetize my blog (even just a few dollars a month would be awesome)
improve my photography & photoshop skills
network more
take more outfit shots

And semi-related: start a youtube channel. My sister & I have been talking about starting a youtube channel doing what we've been doing on our own blogs and related to style & beauty (and a separate blog for gaming, but for that there's a whole 'nother issue with gear and what not). The main reason is because youtube caters to a wider audience whereas having a blog is a bit difficult to get out there without some serious networking. And I think I'm a bit more personable speaking than writing where I still haven't really gotten the hang of writing informally. We have all of the gear and I have some video-editing knowledge, but we'll see how that turns out. Mostly we've been lazy.

To those of you reading & visiting my blog, a huge thanks! I hope I'll be able to put out good quality content from here on out.

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