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Saturday, July 20, 2013

what I wore, outfit of the day
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, SDCC Doctor Who Fan Meet Up
Hooray! Today was the Doctor Who fan meet up at San Diego Comic Con! It was a really nice event with themed drinks & food, lots and lots of cosplay all around, and more Whovians of all shapes and sizes than I thought would come. We arrived two and half hours early to the venue and already a huge line was forming, and there were still tons of people there waiting to get in when we left. We stayed long enough to snatch some merch (I finally got a sonic screw driver for myself & some Tardis socks, and it was only afterwards when I heard that Jenna-Louise Coleman, Matt Smith, & Steven Moffat made a surprise appearance! Oh well. But, apparently my sister claims that she saw Hideo Kojima when we were near the gas lamp quarter. Anyway, overall a really fun day!
what I wore, outfit of the day
what I wore, outfit of the day

They gave us name tags so we could write our social media stuff, which was thoughtful of them!

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 300 Rose Blush
gifted watch
H&M scarf & chambray shirt
Forever 21 navy blue dress (old)
Need Supply Bardot Flats

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