cofee break #002

Friday, July 26, 2013

coffee, UCC coffee,
This week's coffee break features my absolute favorite -- Japanese canned coffee -- this brand is UCC and is pretty cheap. This has been a rather laid back week, but the weekend is always a fun time. Hope everyone will have a good weekend.
  • My skin has been drying out again so I've been coveting the highly rated Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask
  • This is just a really lovely outfit from Le 21eme
  • This post from Drifter & the Gypsy features photos shot by Henry Leutwyler for Vanity Fair, basically just some beautiful shots of ballet behind the scenes
  • This is a new blog that I've come to love, it's a great mix of sewing & food, perfect -- Fine Motor Skills. She puts out some great patterns as well, like this convertible romper
  • If you're an insomniac like me, this article from Lifehacker might have some helpful tips to finally overcoming your insomnia
  • I enjoyed reading Rebecca's (The Clothes Horse) response to her dyeing her hair. I must admit that sometimes I change an outfit because it might look weird to others & I want to try and dress more for myself. Because ultimately it's my opinion that matters the most.
  • Another thing I've been coveting - a new bag! And this one from Forever 21 looks great.
  • This "demoiselle" top worn by Leeloo of Le Dressing de Leeloo looks really DIY-able

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