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Monday, May 20, 2013

Pacifica Take Me There gift set in Tuscan Blood Orange $18

In a brand, I look for companies that use mostly natural ingredients and no toxic ones, I literally hiss when I read ingredient lists and find that something I really like and want to try has parabens in them. Just ask my sister. So I've accumulated a slowly expanding list of brands that I like that kind of fits this guideline: Yes to Carrots, Burts Bees and Origins are some. And now Pacifica is another brand that I'd like to try more of! They even have a BB Cream that I'd really like to try.

I bought this gift set, on a whim when I was in the natural skin care section of Target. I was hemming and hawing over the blood orange roller ball and the the tinted lip balms that Target carried from this brand. I decided "what the heck" and decided to buy it. The gift set includes three pieces, the first one, which is one of the main reasons why I bought it was the Tuscan Blood Orange perfume. I'm not much of a perfume-wearer (I think they're way to over powering and overly complicated) but I do very much love citrus scents. But besides from that main citrus scent I wouldn't be able to tell you what other smells are include so I'll include what the box reads: "a juicy and spicy, blood-orange blend with sensuous strawberry and raspberry notes". Yum. And I guess I do smell the more "spicy" notes to it -- it doesn't last very long, which I think is pretty normal for roller ball perfumes, but I'm loving it. But I must look like a weirdo sniffing my wrists every so often. Oh, and this perfume is pthalate-free!

The next product is the Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter, which is travel size and will be joining my L'Occitane Fleur Cherie hand cream in my bag. The scent of this initially isn't as over-powering for me as that hand cream is but is surprisingly not as moisturizing, despite being a body butter, at least for my hands. Although unlike other body butters I've tried, this does absorb relatively quickly and my hands still kind of feel moisturized even after I've washed them when I've used this. I've used this on spots where I have eczema without any stinging or irritation and it is definitely more moisturizing in those super dry spots than the lotion I have. I'm not sure if I'd actually buy the full size product, however, since I've decided to use this for those ultra dry spots. And with summer around the corner body butters would probably be a tiny bit too greasy, but it definitely has potential in the drier months. But as a dry spot treatment during the summer? Perfect!

Lip products are quickly starting to replace concealers as the product that I end up buying the most. I've been liking these types of balm-lipstick hybrids and this is just another in my slowly growing lip product collection. The matching Color Quench Lip Tint in this set has coconut oil and cocoa butter and is seriously hydrating. It's a bit like the Revlon Lip Butters, but I feel like this lasts a bit longer in terms of hydrating your lips and has a delicious smell to them. Since it is a lip tint the color coverage isn't comparable to a lipstick, but the color is a lovely shimmery pink color in a "your lips but better" type of way. The color doesn't last very long especially if you're eating and drinking or happen to lick your lips a lot, but it does leave your lips hydrated throughout the day.

Bottom Line: would I repurchase any of these products? Definitely! I love the set, I've fallen in love with the brand and the products smell lovely and work nicely. The brand especially has impressed me - their packaging uses recyclable components, they are 100% vegan, do not test on animals or have animal-based ingredients, and they're free of lots of stuff I don't want on my skin like parabens, pthalates and petrolatum. And a portion of the proceeds also goes to supper clean water. Of course, this is set is still my only purchase from this brand, but I have high hopes! Highly recommended.

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