Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I actually took this photo last month but never got around to posting it! I've always wonder if other people get attached to certain pieces in their wardrobe as myself. That's how I feel about this blazer. It's not like anything really interesting has ever happened to me while I've worn this piece, but I just love it and have grown attached to it. It's a thrifting find and is actually a large boy's blazer - which goes to show that you should check every little nook and cranny, you never know when you'll find something you'll like. I just feel like if I put it over anything it'll be fantastic or add a cool element to it and if you haven't guessed, navy blue is my absolute favorite which is another plus. If some day I find a woman's blazer that fits better I still can't picture myself throwing this one out.

Do you guys find yourself growing attached to pieces in your wardrobe for whatever reason? Let me know!

thrifted navy blue blazer
H&M striped long-sleeve top
self-made skirt

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