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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I've also thrifted a black blouse with white polka dots & a navy blue skirt but I didn't like how the pictures came out when I took them, but they probably will be feature sometime in an outfit. And yes one of these blouses might actually be a pajama top, but oh well!

When I was still going to school I had this problem where I ended up buying clothes that I really didn't need, so by the time I was packing to go back home, I had way too many clothes to fit in my luggage and boxes and eventually donating half of the clothes lingering in my closet that I didn't wear. At this point, I haven't bought any new clothes since January! I've been a bit more critical of what I buy and whether or not I will wear it, and also I want to save up my money for higher-end clothes. It's been more than once that I've bought clothes that were of questionable quality.

A good medium with buying inexpensive clothes that are of a decent quality is thrifting. I absolutely love thrifting. In my mind, it's kind of like treasure hunting -- you're sifting through mountains of clothes and knick knacks to find little gems that other people have overlooked. Take, for example, the blouse in the second photo -- it's 100% silk! Back in February I also managed to thrift a J.Crew blazer in good condition (all it need was a little dry cleaning). And of course, my absolute favorite jacket is made of wool and although it's unlined, it's still really good quality as well.

While I'm still lusting over a few Zara pieces (here, here, & here, if you're curious) and have bookmarked several items from Need Supply Co (here & here), I find thrifting a great way to stock up on cool & unique pieces when you're on an extremely tight budget, like me.

So, have you guys scored some great thrifted pieces?

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