20 March 2013

Sort of impulsive

I don't know what's going on with my face here, but hey look, shoes!

Hey, did you guys know that I cut my hair since my last outfit post? Well I did! And my sister tells me that I've suddenly look younger... The reasoning behind getting shorter hair is that it's way more manageable than that long mane I had -- I had a tendency to get food caught in it. And now I don't!

I know that I went to Target yesterday and had a my own mini "haul"ish thing, but I was hemming and hawing over this new moisturizer. I've been into oil-based moisturizers lately and apparently frankincense & myrrh (two ingredients in the product) have anti-inflammatory properties and it has shea butter and argan oil in it, which are both amazing things. I'll add a full review about it in a few days time, after I've used it in. But that's the kind of shopper that I am. It's sort of an impulsive purchase. I do need and will use it, so even though I shouldn't of bought it, it isn't necessarily a bad thing, right? It's not like I bought a $200 skirt that I'll wear once.

Although I did buy the Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 104 on impulse. Hehe, oops? But it was like less than $5!

H&M striped top, belt, brown socks & striped tote
self-made navy blue skirt
thrifted plaid coat
Walmart tights
Cotton On boots


  1. Aw, cute outfit! That oversized blazer is just gorgeous and goes so well with the simple stripes :)

    1. Thanks! :) I've been wearing it practically non-stop this month.

  2. Haha better thatyou impulse buy something cheap than something expensive! Loving this outfit of yours, so simple and chic x


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