Thursday, February 28, 2013


I've seen some youtubers with these really graphic tops saying "geek" or "nerd" on them lately and I've been a bit torn. One side of me absolutely loves them and think they're really cool and incredibly cheeky. The other side of me is a bit more hesitant because I know what it feels like to be made fun because you're a nerd. While I've always inwardly reveled in being intelligent, being called names because of it isn't the best for one's confidence. It's the same way I feel about wearing glasses: it's all the rage and is cool, now. But years ago when I was in middle school I remember being teased for wearing them. So growing up being a nerd or wearing glasses wasn't cool, but it's all the rage now and it makes my inner-self quietly grumble at the idea that these sorts of things are acceptable now, but were so undesirable before. But hey, I suppose kids nowadays (gosh, doesn't that make me sound old), can outwardly revel in their intelligence and be proud to call themselves a nerd.

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