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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm a big fan of thrifting -- it's good for the wallet and a good way of finding some unique treasures. I've thrifted this great navy blue blazer from the children's section, a couple bags that I use regularly, and two pairs of shoes. If I remember correctly all of those things was less than $20 total.

So today my sister and I decided to bike to a nearby thrift store called Eastside Sequal that we found on Yelp. Basically it's like your everyday thrift store (although it does have a lot of higher end clothes), but part of its proceeds go to children in need. Awesome right? I managed to get this wool coat from there for less than $10. Although I think I'd add lining to the coat and take in the sleeves and shorten them. So I'm pretty happy with this find!

Have you guys thrifted recently and found anything you've really liked?

Forever 21 hat
thrifted plaid coat
Forever 21 sweater (old) & polka dot skirt
Walmart tights
thrifted loafers

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