outfit: an open letter

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dear girl at Walmart who was wearing a knit sweater with vest and tights with Ugg boots in 75 degree So Cal weather,
Just looking at you makes me cringe.

Yes people can wear whatever they want in whatever weather setting they choose, but I have a pet peeve for people who don't dress for the weather. Like people on the east coast who start wearing floral dresses and shorts the moment it becomes spring on the calender despite there still being snow on the ground. It's the opposite here. I get that it's "supposed" to be autumn, but we're in Southern California! "Autumn" means highs ranging from the 60-70, only slightly cooler than summer. Ugh.

Sorry for the mini rant guys, but whenever I see one of "those" people I just want to scream in protest. I'm very much anti-summer and I wish I lived in a place that actually had an autumn, but I couldn't bare to go around (especially since I bike everywhere) inappropriately dressed.... Of course I say all of that and end up wearing nearly all black, haha.

H&M striped cardigan
Forever 21 black tee (old)
UO patterned skirt (old)
watch (gifted)

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