Forest Girl

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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I first got into fashion and dressing less like a slob and more like a person through the strangest place -- Gothic Lolita. Those guys and gals go through lots of effort into dressing up in 'lolita' fashion and there my high school self was wearing the same purple jacket everyday and worn out jeans. I also got into sewing this way because have you seen the price of some of those dresses?

Lately, however, I've been inspired by different type of Japanese fashion; 「森ガール」 romanised as "mori gaaru" translates to "forest girl" in English. In contrast to lolita fashion which involves dressing in petticoats and fluffy dresses, "mori" type fashion involves wearing lots of neutral or natural colors, wearing more natural fabrics such as cotton, gratuitous use of layers consisting of lace and crochet and frolicking around the woods. I'd like to incorporate some aspects of this fashion -- neutrals, lots of layers, crochet fabric -- into my wardrobe. Although there aren't really any forests or open fields nearby that I can really frolic around in.

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