the loved: skincare

14 September 2015


While it's nice to switch things up every once and a while, sometimes it's nice to be able to fall back onto some skincare products that I could trust would work for my skin, these products all happen to be repurchases too, which I'm pretty proud of myself for. It's so hard to use up makeup without getting distracted by the next shiny thing down the line, but with skincare I'm a little bit pickier with what ends up getting slathered on my face.

what I plan on buying in September

08 September 2015

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So I'm trying out this thing where I plan out what beauty and clothing purchases I make for the rest of the month at the beginning of the month.

I know, I know. But don't laugh, I'm serious!

I'm absolutely horrid at sticking to a list of what to get - I'm always distracted by all of the other things available or the new things that have come out - but I'm a woman on a mission. One, to try and save money by planning out these major beauty and clothing purchases. And two, just be more choosy about the items that I pick up. I always feel a little guilty returning things, so I want to avoid that as much as possible by making more thoughtful decisions.

Around the blog-o-sphere, I've heard people call it having "curated" pieces, and I kind of like that idea about being really selective about what you pick and I really want to incorporate that idea into my purchases. And of course, trying to buy better quality pieces as well.

things I like #3: ASOS, Maybelline, Don't Starve

04 September 2015

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Hooray, I'm back to blogging and I swear it's for real this time. I had been motivated by a friend to really work and expand my blog and I think I'll be sticking around for a while. One, because I do like doing this stuff - writing, taking photos, and being able to share stuff with other people - and two, so that when I get asked "how's your blog doing?" I actually have something to answer other than "okay, I guess". But, like the new layout? I do! I'm still working on a few of the background stuff, but I'm really liking how this blog is looking at the moment!

Along those lines of getting motivated into doing this again, I think Rhode Montijo's "Dream Big" Banner, which I picked up from Comic Con this year, has been another nice motivator. Isn't it so adorable? I hanged it up on the wall next to my desk and it's definitely one of my favorite things in my room.

a SDCC15 recap

13 July 2015


Comic Con is one of those things that's hard to describe without sounding like a crazy person.

It's four and half days of just pure geekery, where like minded people come together and just enjoy the things that they enjoy, whether it's art and comics to video games and movies. I feel like there's always something in Comic Con for everyone, and the possibility of bumping into your favorite actors is a plus as well.

Like last year, I managed to get in as a volunteer, which meant that in exchange for 3 hours of my time helping out, I was guaranteed a badge for every day I volunteered. Which is honestly a pretty good deal, if you can get in as a volunteer I recommend it. Plus, the volunteer t-shirt (the blue one on top) is always nice to collect. I only went on Preview Night and Saturday, but I seriously had a great con this year!

Warning: this is definitely a doozy of a post ahead!

in rotation #7: products that I gravitate towards

10 July 2015

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I have this bad habit where I buy new things that are similar, if not completely identical, to the stuff I already own. Like the growing number of sheer, tinted moisturizers that I own, or the half a dozen gray t-shirts that I own or the nearly twenty lipsticks that are pretty similar shades of rosy pink. Does anyone else have this problem?

I try to justify it by telling myself it's a different texture of tinted moisturizer, or a different shape of gray t-shirt or a slightly different shade of rosy pink, but in the end they're pretty much the same thing when they're on. My most recent makeup routine has been pretty much me going for the same look - dewy skin, blush, smudgy liner, my signature you can say.

quarterly favorites #2

07 July 2015

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You know you haven't blogged in a while when your most popular post is something from 2013. Yeah.

But hi guys, how have you been? Thanks for sticking around, I know I've been MIA for a month or two now. No really good excuses other than a lack of motivation, but what being on an unofficial hiatus has taught me is that I really do like blogging and writing. It's the whole getting it out there that kind of terrifies me, even after almost 3 (!!!) years of blogging. Excuse the quality of the photos and the not so well thought out sentences, but I really wanted to post something and why not something a bit "easy" like favorites?

things I like #2

13 April 2015

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1. The first thing on my list of things that I like isn't actually pictured here because I only have a digital copy, but it's been the game Bloodborne. It's kind of hard to describe the Souls games (of which this is a part of) other than that they're challenging. There are hundreds of ways to die and the game does not give you too many hints, it's definitely unlike other games out there. I also really like the aesthetic of Bloodborne - it's sort of gothic and steam punk with lots of horror elements. Haven't quite finished it, I'm fighting a boss called The One Reborn, but I've really enjoyed it so far!

2. Another non-beauty like and it's the podcast Radiolab. And oh my god, why haven't I listened to this before? As someone who loves to learn new thigns, Radiolab definitely introduces a wide variety of topics with different takes on them. I honestly learn something new every podcast and I really love it.

3. I didn't think pinky toned neutral eyeshadows were going to be something I liked, but the L'Oreal La Palette Nude 2 exceeds expectations. The only thing that annoys me is that it's definitely a bulky palette, which is annoying because from what I've seen from UK bloggers, it seems much sleeker. Otherwise, I think the quality of the shadows are pretty good and it's been fun experimenting! Other beauty things include: Dior Addict Lipstick in 353 Blush, the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm and the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel-Eyeliner.

4. Unfortunately sold out, this Zara Chambray Button Up with Orange Polk Dots has been seriously worn a lot lately. The shirt is light weight so it's perfect for the season and I think it can work in the office and outside it depending on what else you wear with it. I don't like having clothes that are straight up "just for work", so I think something like this that can go from business to casual depending on your bottoms is perfect.

What are some of the things that you've been liking lately?

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